Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wigan Premier Travel Inn Goes to Jail

Ah, it could have been so different. If she had had other parents, she could have been called Wigan Premier Travel Inn, for a start.

(I've got nothing against Wigan, by the way - spent a great day there once negotiating all the 23 locks in a narrowboat. Not being sarcastic - really enjoyed it!)

Firstly, Paris Hilton got really really famous because - - er - - no, I'm not sure why.

Then she was forbidden to drive because she was driving while drunk.

Then, obviously thinking that the above forbidding was some kind of formality that didn't apply to rich girls, she drove again, and was sent to jail.

She didn't like it. She cried.

"Hilton's lawyer suggested that she experienced genuine anguish in prison."

Unlike all the other people in jails throughout the world, I suppose, who are, of course, enjoying every minute.

So, obviously, they let her out again: like, I suppose, they let out everyone in jail who gets a bit upset.

But then they decided that this wasn't totally fair, and decided to send her back again, probably primarily so that we could all punch the air and shout "YES!" like I did.

But I don't think the prison sentence is enough. I hate the current cult of celebrity where people are famous for simply wearing clothes and being rich and photographed. Here's my suggestion. I am starting a NO PUBLICITY FOR PARIS movement. I call on all writers and all media everywhere to join me. All you have to do is never mention her again. Wouldn't it be fantastic? From now on, this blog is a Paris Hilton-free zone.


Blogger John said...

I think it was simply not wearing clothes that got her the fame

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