Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just Count Backwards from Ten - - -

Here's a list of some consultant anaesthetists who once worked at a hospital in West Yorkshire:
You would think he would have known better than to study medicine, really, wouldn't you? How many patients made jokes about it in the course of his career? How many expressions of assumed hilarity did he have to assume?
I once taught in a classroom next to a Miss Lovely. That kind of name is just a strong hint that you shouldn't go into teaching. Why don't people pay attention to these things?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gareth had primary school teachers called Mrs Bone, Mrs Tickle, Mr Pockett. Secondary teachers included Newton (Science) Pratten (he really was one) Groves, (Geography) As you say, why oh why..?

11:56 pm  
Blogger mutikonka said...

Here in Oz the chief medical officer for veteran's health is Dr Killer. We also have a Dr Pain, a Dr Kneebone and a Dr De'ath. Not to mention Dr (Sue) Skull.

5:17 am  

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