Saturday, January 23, 2010

The World of Joseph French

At the end of a dream about something else I got out of the car in my dream and was presented with a promotional leaflet with a pretend-embroidered picture of a galleon.

It was advertising a new restaurant in Chapel-Allerton (which is a rather trendy part of Leeds) called The World of Joseph French.

Joseph French, apparently, was an eighteenth-century explorer rather along the lines of Captain Cook and he was born in Chapel-Allerton so someone was opening a new restaurant to commemorate (or probably to cash in on) this.

As a promotional offer, lunch was £7 each from a set menu and dinner was £9, but I suspected that this would go up after a while as the restaurant's food was based on eighteenth-century dishes with lots of meat.

In the restaurant - it said in the brochure - everyone sat in little booths for privacy, surrounded by white screens and when you had ordered your food a picture of it came up on the screen so you could see if you liked the look of it and change your order if you didn't.

I googled Joseph French this morning and was extremely disappointed to find that he didn't exist: and that hence his discovery of a chain of remote Pacific islands had not in fact happened.

Yes: it was, as I said right at the beginning, all a dream. But how very specific a dream! And what on earth is going on in my head?

A shame that there isn't any such restaurant though - I would have tried it tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your story was so convincing I just had to google it: "Joseph French" explorer.

And what was the first item listed?

Your blog, of course!


11:20 am  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

You would make a dandy novelist. Even your dreams give you inspiration!

2:14 pm  
Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

There are a couple of places in my dreams that I visit over and over. I don't know where they are, but they are always extremely familiar.

I think the concept of astral projection began this way.

2:16 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Spooky! Colonel Sanders also had a dream about his KFC world chain. It is time to leave vulgar medical role playing behind and strike out as a restaurateur - leading the Joseph French chain. I will be happy to cut the first ribbon.

5:38 pm  

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