Monday, June 16, 2008

To London

So, last Thursday Silverback and I went to London.

The reason for the visit was an invitation to the preview of Summer which is a new film from Sixteen Films, the company founded by Ken Loach. One of our actors, Steve Evets, has a major role in it: hence the invitation.

But before the film, it was time to be Tourists. London is really very good at looking exactly as you'd expect: there's this casually-dressed-men-on-horses kind of thing going on just about everywhere.

I took some photos of little-known places that had never been photographed before. Well, not more than a couple of thousand times an hour, anywhere.



You get the idea.

And a few actors trying to earn a living by doing some clever but rather silly things:

Usually when I've been to London the whole day has been taken up with some Important Event like a museum trip, or a course, or a matinee at the theatre. The beauty of Thursday's trip was that the film didn't start until six o'clock and we hit on the simple yet brilliant idea of not doing anything before it - - except wandering wherever we fancied. Silverback, who, let's face it, has travelled many, many more miles than I have, seemed happy to take charge of the map and I was extremely happy that he did.

So, after an afternoon of such places as Covent Garden Market and Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square and Chinatown, we had a very pleasant meal in a Thai restaurant and then turned up at the Charlotte Street Hotel in good time for the screening in its comfortable cinema. The hotel was lovely too!

Summer is a very well-acted story about two men who have been friends since boyhood: I enjoyed it very much. It's having its premiere this coming weekend at the Edinburgh Film Festival and you should be able to see it soon.

Robert Carlyle is excellent in it - but then, when has he ever been anything else? And our Steve Evets was superb too. As I hope you'll remember the name, perhaps now is the time to point out that Evets is simply Steve backwards.

What a delightful day it was! Interesting places, great film, very congenial company. Silverback even took in good part my interesting attempt to name every plant and shrub that we could see from the train: he didn't try to throw himself out, not even once.

A Grand Day Out indeed. Wonderful!

And the next day we went to the narrowboat for the weekend - of which more tomorrow.


Anonymous ruth said...

So glad to have you back Daphne and I'm really please the trip to the big smoke was a success. However...

"And a few actors trying to earn a living by doing some clever but rather silly things"

I don't think someone who paints themselves silver and stands still (mostly) to earn money is necessarily an actor or doing anything clever.

I hate those living statues of which there are loads in London, Oxford, Barcelona (and probably lots of other places too). I think it's because I am used to far more demanding street theatre and have known lots of street theatre performers. I find the painted men (and they are usually men although I think I have seen the odd woman do it too) insulting to the art form. It's not clever just stupid.

8:04 pm  
Anonymous Bun said...

Glad you had a good time. I was in Chinatown on Friday having my works leaving lunch!!! Is a small world.

10:44 pm  
Blogger Debby said...

I usually let Silverback man the map also. By the time I find where we are to tell him, we're not there anymore! Glad you had a lovely day. Can't wait to hear about the narrowboat adventure.

1:17 am  
OpenID bigyellowtaxi said...

Hmmm, you get the joys of London, I get Birmingham! I feel deprived.

5:34 pm  
Blogger Laura Willows said...

Next time you're in London Town I shall take you on a tour, sans tourist sites...!

2:46 pm  

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