Thursday, November 29, 2007

The End of Autumn

As I've previously mentioned, here in Yorkshire it's been the most beautiful autumn in the whole history of the world ever. During the last week or so the weather's been very Novemberish: with cold, damp and little helpings of fog brought in specially from the National Fog Store which, as anyone who crosses the Pennines on the motorway will know, is to be found all around Junction 22 of the M62.

But today the sun came out and Gledhow Woods still looked like this:

Here's the house where some of my friends live in Headingley, with a few leaves still clinging to the trees:

But it's all heading one way. Winter. And this huge tree at Dagmar in Headingley knows it.


Blogger AmyTree said...

Ahh....stunning. Nice to see that the old place is still as lovely as ever since I left it.

10:10 am  
Anonymous Siegfried said...

Even down south the autumn has been quite lovely for the most part. I just hope mid-winter isn't too damp and dreary. I don't care how low the temperature goes so long as there is a modicum of sun.

10:52 pm  

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