Friday, January 12, 2007

In the Papers

No matter how unfamous we are, sooner or later there’s a piece in some newspaper about someone we know, or some event we know about

Whenever this has happened to me, which of the following is my reaction?

a) Oh, how interesting, that’s exactly what happened


b) No, that’s not right, it was a hedgehog not a kangaroo, the stockings were green not blue and he made ten pounds not ten thousand

Of course, it’s always along the lines of b. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story in the paper - one that I actually knew the facts of - that was totally accurate.

So, understanding that the stories that I know about are very small fry, it therefore follows that there are similar inaccuracies in much bigger stories. Only, because the stories are bigger, so are the inaccuracies. Take them all with a pinch of salt. Try reading every news item aloud and then laughing hysterically after it and then see if you still believe it. Usually, you won’t.


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