Monday, November 09, 2009

My Astonishing Photograph

Yes, here it is, the astonishing photograph:

Just amazing. Never seen anything like it. My mind is fairly boggling. No Photoshop or anything. Just as I took it.

I'm sure you'll be as gobsmacked (as they say round here) as I am.

But in case you're not, perhaps I should explain.

The car in the front is my lovely little Renault Clio. The time was about nine o'clock in the morning. The old building in the background is part of Bradford Royal Infirmary.

And, for anyone who doesn't know, those bits of road with white lines around them are what we Simulated Patients call "Parking Spaces".

(This reminds me of something a doctor said to a colleague of mine in a roleplay recently. "I think," he said importantly, patting her hand, "that you've got what we doctors call diarrhoea".)

Anyway, yes! Parking Spaces! At a hospital! At nine o'clock in the morning! What's going on?

I work in lots of different hospitals throughout Yorkshire. One empty parking space is usually enough to make me cheer in gladness. Two is unheard of. I once, you may remember, turned up at 8.30am for a 9.30am job at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and couldn't find a parking space within a mile radius of the hospital. Finally - for the only time in my life - I had to give up and go home.

I want to know the cause of this Bradford Parking-Space Phenomenon. Do they never get ill in Bradford? There's a large Asian population there so perhaps curry has more health-giving properties than we suspected.

I do have another theory. Bradford's in a kind of dip. Into this dip run about four million different roads. My theory is that all the cars accumulate in the middle and can never escape.
All the motorists get so lost in the tangle of roads in central Bradford that they never get to their hospital appointments on time.

Anyway, you'll never have seen a photograph like it and I'm sure you're well impressed. This has been Daphne, taking amazing photos of the wilder and more remote parts of West Yorkshire, so you don't have to.


Blogger Silverback said...

Maybe you parked in the middle of a crime scene. I think that's blood splatter on the ground by your door !!

Do you remember driving through some yellow tape ? Oh who am I talking to !

4:01 am  
Anonymous ruth said...

I didn't even have to read your blog post to know what was so astonishing about your photograph. (I did read it though, of course.)

9:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My theory:

If it's anything like our local hosp, admin have cued all the appointment letters to a printer in the basement that has run out of paper.

The consultants will be standing around wondering why their clinics are so quiet and so many patients are 'did not attends'.

Believe me, it happens

8:03 pm  
Blogger Jennytc said...

I certainly agree about the tangle of roads that is Bradford, Daphne!

8:18 pm  
Blogger WendyCarole said...

it does look a bit empty. But when I have been to BRI its been bus or taxi so I haven't looked at the car park.

Most roads to go down hill though or up depending which way you are going LOL

10:21 pm  
Blogger Diz said...

C'mon Daffers, that pic was snapped at dawn on a Sunday!
For a real parking nightmare, try Cheltenham - take a ticket, drive into the car park, discover there are no parking spaces. There is no system of stopping people coming in once it's full, so the place gets gridlocked. Oh, this is the oncology unit, too, so most people can't walk from anywhere else.
BRI? Car parking? Wendy, you jest!

11:32 am  

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