Monday, February 25, 2008

A First Few Wedding Photos

Emily and Gareth's wedding was - and looked - both wonderful and very unusual. We don't have all the photos yet but here are a few great ones so far. If you click on them they become larger.

This one of Emily and Gareth was taken by my cousin, Colin Stone, just as they were signing the register. The marriage took place in the ballroom of Park Hotel, Tenby.

This one was taken by our friend John Coombes, who was our official photographer, just before the ceremony.

Emily's the tallest with Gareth's sister Jo next to her: at the other side the little ones are my brother Michael and his wife Deborah's children, Daisy and Flo: and next to her is Pearl, sister of Luke who's a friend of Emily's from schooldays. The girl on the left with glasses is my cousin Colin and his wife Cath's daughter Helaina, who has been mentioned many times on this blog: she is thirteen but very small as she has Costello Syndrome.

And here, in another of John's photos, are Emily and Gareth with Chris the Best Man - a schoolfriend of Gareth's - and all the bridesmaids again, just after the ceremony. What I love about these two group photos - apart from the rich colours, the very pleasing composition and the general sense of warmth, happiness and occasion - is the individuality of all those present - they don't look like wedding-party clones, do they?

And here's one of Flo, the youngest of the bridesmaids, dancing at the disco afterwards:

A lovely photograph, taken by Helaina Stone.

I'll show you more when we have them. In fact I have to be restrained from buttonholing complete strangers off the street and saying "Would you like to see some wedding photos?"

A perfect day - we are so very grateful to all those who contributed in so many ways. I'm sure you know who you are.


Blogger MrsG said...

Fantastic!!! I love that they look totally individual - like you said, no wedding party clones. Emily's quite the beauty!!
More photos please... :-)

11:28 am  
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