Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Path of Righteousness

Here's an old path that used to be used by the Cistercian monks who live on Caldey Island:
Beautiful, especially in the dappled sunshine. That pattern and those colours are incredibly pleasing to the eye - well, my eye, anyway, in fact both my eyes. There must be a reason for this and I'm trying to work out what it is.
The colours are very natural, which I like, and the symmetry is good, particularly when combined with the wildness of the foliage. I can explain why I like it: but not why I like it quite so much. It gives me feelings of warmth, comfort and safety as well as beauty and I can't quite explain why.
Perhaps it reminds me of something that I knew long ago. Or perhaps everyone likes dappled sunshine and everyone likes those colours and everyone likes that pattern. It's such a traditional pattern, it would be interesting to find out why it's lasted so long.


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