Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Someone who Nearly Likes It

Thank you all for your comments on the Olympic logo. I think Silverback's idea of beaming the animated version onto the walls of Paris Hilton's prison cell is really most sadistic and cruel, and yet very very enjoyable even to think about.

I have found someone, however, who nearly likes the logo.

"Well, it's not bad, I suppose," said the Communist. Which is odd, because he usually takes a violent dislike to anything new.

I told him that, since he is currently drugged-up on morphine because of the pain in his legs, and is so woozy that he can't think straight most of the time, I am going to ignore his opinion on this occasion.

"I didn't say it was good, though," he said and went to sleep.

Thanks also to the person who nominated me in the Blogpower awards in the category of the Most Under-rated Blog - Ah were reet chuffed, as they say round here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*I* liked it a lot, until someone told me about the Lisa Simpson thing.

Julie paradox

(ailbhe's friend)

10:00 pm  

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