Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Little Voices

The three geckos and the snake live in Stephen’s computer room. Or, as the geckos and snake might put it, the reptile room is also home to Stephen’s computers.

Just before I go to bed I usually go in there to have a look at the geckos and the snake, which are usually up and about at that time. I check that they have clean water and that their tanks are properly closed.

A week or so ago, as I was doing this, I heard what sounded like voices in the distance, like far-off conversation. Sometimes our neighbours have parties outside, even at this time of the year, so I opened the window to see if that was where the voices were coming from.

No, no sound outside. I closed the window and listened. Definitely voices. I wondered whether Stephen had left the sound from the computer on, though nothing was obvious. Or perhaps there was a radio in the room somewhere, though I couldn’t see one. I thought I would ask Stephen the next day.

But, in the cold light of day, I forgot about it, and for a few nights I checked on the reptiles while Stephen was still in the computer room, and heard no more voices.

Then, the night before last, everyone was in bed except me and I went in to check on the geckos and the snake. As I was giving the snake some clean water, there they were again. Little voices. Like several people chatting in the distance. Just the occasional word could be heard clearly.

So yesterday, when I came across Stephen and Gareth both in the computer room talking Geek to each other, I asked them if they had left a radio on, or anything else that might have voices coming from it.

They assured me they hadn’t, while giving me what may only be described as a Strange Look.

Oh well, I thought, I’ll listen again when I go in the room tonight, and try harder to find out where the voices are coming from.

But - - er - - I didn’t go in later because – how can I put this – I felt suddenly really spooked by the whole thing.

I checked on the animals this morning instead. They were fine.

I might go in later tonight and listen. If I’m feeling brave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The geckos and the snake are having a chat while listening to the radio.

It spooked my when this happened in my computer room.

The cause is the weather. Under some weather conditions radio signals are picked up on the computer speakers, in much the same fashion that a cats whisker radio set works.

Either that or the The geckos and the snake really are having a chat.

11:24 pm  

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