Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message on a Bad Line

I found an answerphone message the other day, with a very crackly line.

Unfortunately, I think it was from an old friend of mine with whom I've lost touch - she was living in Holland when last I knew of her.

She asked me to ring her and then gave the number - - which was crackle two crackle 6 crackle crackle - - etc.

I haven't changed my number in years but I'm pretty sure she's changed hers. And I couldn't dial 1471 to find out what the number was as someone else had rung afterwards.

I know she used to read my blog so perhaps she'll see this - - and if so, please could you ring me again and, if I don't answer, leave the number twice, just in case?

Of course, if she doesn't read my blog any more, she will simply think I don't want to get in touch and will probably never try ever again. Sighhhh.

And, actually, because she only gave her first name and the line was SO crackly, it might not even BE her, though it's my best guess. But whoever it was said they wanted to speak to Daphne so I'm sure it wasn't a wrong number - - there aren't many of us Daphnes about, are there?

However, I do know several people with that first name so it's just possible another one of them is thinking "Why doesn't she ring me back? How rude!"

Technology eh? I have already tried the usual methods of seeing if I can contact her - - Facebook etc - - no joy. Sighhhh again. Let's see if this works!


Blogger JeannetteLS said...

I hope it does... perhaps she found you because of your blog! Good luck. With all the gadgetry out there that makes one easy to find, when you need it the most... Let us know, okay?

2:22 am  
Blogger Helsie said...

How frustrating!! Good luck !

12:01 pm  

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