Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Purpose of God

I saw this poster today outside a church. You see! Even God doesn't know what He's supposed to be for.

"Am I supposed to just let them keep on killing each other, or am I supposed to intervene?" mused God. "And what about global warming? Should I stop it? Or do I just let it happen, since they brought it on themselves? What about bird flu? Did I start it? I really can't remember. Should I stop it? I've got far too much to do, and I'm just not sure if that falls within my remit. I'd really rather spend the time making sure there isn't another series of Little Britain, because if they do make one, it'll be shit. And no, I can't be expected to do anything about the trains, I'm sure that can't be my fault, and some things are just too damn difficult. Oh, sod it, it's Saturday night, I'm off down the pub."


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