Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ilkley Moor - well, everyone knows about that. There's a man in a cave in a remote forest in Borneo who doesn't know the words to Ilkla Moor Bah't At (Ilkley Moor Without a Hat, in case you didn't know), but everyone else on Planet Earth can sing all the verses, especially when drunk.

Otley Chevin - ah, now then. What's a Chevin?

Here's the view from one:

And here's what one looks like:

And here's what wikipedia has to say about it:

The Chevin were bipedal pachydermoid sapients native to the planet Vinsoth that evolved from smaller relatives of the giant mammals who were wiped out when an asteroid collided with Vinsoth about 3,000,000 BBY. Adult Chevin stand 2-3 meters tall, and have massive bodies as wide as they are tall. Their heads consist of a long, wrinkled, tusk-filled snout set below heavily-lidded eyes.

Yes, the Chevin are one of the Star Wars races. And I haven't seen any of them shopping in Otley or wandering about on t'moors, either with or without hats, so I think it's probably unlikely that Otley Chevin was named after them.

All I managed to find is that the name is of Celtic origin, meaning a hill, or wooded escarpment. And there's one in Derbyshire too.

And it's a great place to spend a sunny winter's afternoon.


Blogger Ailbhe said...

Am clearly alien again.

10:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's also an alternative name for the fish more commonly known as a chub.... so there you go.

1:34 pm  

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