Sunday, September 25, 2011

Somewhat Outclassed

When I go swimming during the week I swim 66 lengths (two lengths more than a mile, in case I've counted wrong) and on a Sunday I swim 72 lengths (a mile and an eighth, though today I did 74 lenths, in case I'd counted wrong.)

I'm quite pleased with myself for swimming this distance and I always enjoy it. But - - all things are relative - -

Today I met my old friends Jo and Deb - the sisters I've known since - - well - - forever. The Communist was best friends with their father from schooldays until the Communist's death (their father is still hale and hearty at something like 88).

We used to go swimming a lot together as children and we often meet in the pool now. They are both much better swimmers than I am - - but I am taller, so there. I shan't tell you how tall they are - - or rather, aren't - but I am 5'4" and Jo and Deb are the reason I grew up thinking I am a giant.

To my surprise, Deb was swimming in the "medium" paced lane, where I swim, instead of in the fast lane, where she usually swims with her sister Jo.

So I asked her why. It turned out that this morning's swim was, for her, merely a twenty-five length warm-up prior to doing the Ilkley Triathlon this afternoon.

"So what's that, then?" I asked. "How far?"

It turns out to be twenty lengths of the pool, followed by an eight-mile cycle up and down some of Yorkshire's finest and most hilly hills, followed by a three-mile run.

Ah. Yes. Could I do that? Nope.

But then, of course, you have to remember that Deb is younger than I am, of course.

She's only fifty.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

I bet that Jo and Deb have no trouble finding work during the pantomime season!

2:19 pm  
Blogger JeannetteLS said...

Wow. And they have shorter legs and arms and EVERYTHING! I have several friends who are under 5'2". In fact I try to be sure all new friends are shorter than 5'3". I AM shrinking, after all!

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Ruth said...

But you've done the Great North Swim... wearing a wetsuit... Could Jo and Deb do that? Could either of them find a wetsuit that fits? Pah!

9:28 am  

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