Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Sleeves

I've recently worked out why I don't like all this wintry weather we've been having.

I know that it's been horribly cold, and horribly slippery, and that the snow looks vile when it goes all brown and mushy.

But that's not the total extent of what annoys me. It's the long sleeves. I don't like wearing long sleeves in general. When they're under a jumper, I really really don't like it.

When I was in junior school we didn't have to wear uniform every day - it was the swinging Sixties and they'd done away with such things, and I was very glad.

However, I was in the school choir, and from time to time there were school concerts, and for this we had to wear our uniforms.

The uniform was a white shirt, a grey and maroon tie, a grey V-necked jumper with maroon piping round the V and - for girls - a grey pleated skirt. Plus of course white ankle socks and sandals.

I didn't really like any of it but my special hatred was reserved firstly for the tie - I didn't like the feeling of something tight round my throat! - but, more particularly for the shirt.

I just hated - - HATED! - the constriction of wearing a formal shirt under a woolly jumper. I felt as though I couldn't move my arms.

Every school concert I'd get thoroughly upset about it before finally giving in and wearing the wretched outfit.

I suppose, in the end, I grew out of hating it quite so much, because every day in secondary school I had to wear a formal shirt, a tie and a woolly cardigan. I never really liked it - but I did get used to it.

But all my life I have hated constricting, uncomfortable clothes. Sometimes when I see people in a particular fashion which means they can't easily move I think - - WHY? How can you stand it? I have always felt that way about high heels. Fancy never being able to take a step without thinking about it!

But in the recent cold weather it's been long sleeves under a jumper every day. And I don't like it. I've had enough of this winter and it's only December. Roll on Spring.


Blogger Jenny said...

I remember being less than impressed at having to wear school uniform too. Ours was brown and for years afterwards, I didn't own a single brown item of clothing. For me, the main bugbear was the hat.

7:58 pm  

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